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Who We Are

The mission of The Esimaje Michael Foundation is to advance liberty and freedom through educational awareness, advocacy, dialogue and discussions about ideas of liberty, freedom, and objectivism; leading to a free, prosperous, and peaceful Africa where limited governments defend the rule of law, private property, and free markets.

About TEMF

The The Esimaje Michael Foundation (TEMF), an independent analysis and advocacy Think Tank, TEMF is Nigeria’s leading development think tank. Since its establishment in 2018, TEMF has been empowering youths through gathering evidence, consulting widely, and generating innovative policy recommendations on issues critical to economic growth and democratic consolidation. TEMF has a special focus on the role of business and markets in development.

We are widely recognized for the practical policy recommendations we formulate and share, outlining ways in which Nigeria can tackle major social and economic challenges. We are also recognized for our role in convening robust roundtable discussions which deal with the tough issues facing Nigerians across a range of traditional political and social divides and which look for common ground.

We focus on policy areas critical for inclusive economic growth: investment and jobs, youth unemployment, business and markets, education and skills, cities, migration, land reform and strengthening democracy.

TEMF disseminates its work to a national audience of policy-makers, opinion formers and the wider public through briefings, printed and digital publications, infographics and multimedia platforms which receive extensive media and social media coverage.

TEMF’s voice and role – market-oriented, pragmatic, evidence-based – fills a void in the national landscape by bringing to the fore bold, well-informed alternative approaches which are a critical contribution to strategies for achieving inclusive economic growth and transformation.

Our Vision

Having a free and entrepreneurial society in which students/youth can make life choices that promote peaceful coexistence and prosperity

Our Mission

To Educate and Empower students and youths on liberty and entrepreneurship skills through mentorship and trainings so as to promote a free and prosperous society

Our Core Values

  • Commitment: to students and youths for transformation
  • Integrity: living our values with transparency and consistence
  • Stewardship: accountability, innovation and urgency
  • Humility: a spirit of serving in all we do
  • Productive Creativity: We want people to innovate and develop new ideas and ensure that those new ideas and efforts produce value
  • Liberty: our ultimate goal for peace and prosperity

Our Constitutional Aims and Objectives are :

  • Promote a Surge in renewable Energy solutions in Africa;
  • Advocate for Climate Justice, Safety and Environmental Issues;
  • Promote The ideas of Liberty, Prosperity and the free Market
  • Promote and provide avenue for digital skill development and Sustainable descent jobs in Africa
  • Promote Human Capital Development and Digital Illiteracy Eradication

Our Partners

  • Code Citty, Nigeria
  • Global Health Organization
  • Qhnets Mobile Services
  • Pandemic Volunteers, Nigeria
  • Africa Objectivism Movement
  • Smart Gate Technology and Consulting