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What We Do


To raise fund for the execution of Liberty driven skill development training, entrepreneurship and employability research across Nigeria and student campuses.



The mission of The Esimaje Michael Foundation is to advance liberty and freedom through Skill Development training, Digital Mentorship, advocacy, dialogue and discussion about idea of liberty, freedom, and objectivism.

Started in 2018 March as a supportive Business Entrepreneurship summit in FUPRE, Delta State and presently have her impact spread across institutional campuses in Africa as we widened the network to accommodate club alumni with the formation of The Esimaje Michael Foundation (TEMF) in 2018.

We belief in a culture in which individuals are free to pursue their happiness, using education, training, empowerment and policy debates.


TEMF’s voice and role – market-oriented, pragmatic, evidence-based – fills a void in the national landscape by bringing to the fore bold, well-informed alternative approaches which are a critical contribution to strategies for achieving inclusive economic growth and transformation.Since inception in 2018, we have moved round over 8 tertiary institutions campus to sensitize the students and expose them to libertarian philosophy.

The Esimaje Michael Foundation has organized several seminars, campaign and awareness across campuses and communities in Africa. We are currently working on chapters spread across 5 African countries, still counting.

We have organized discussion and town hall meeting with entrepreneurs, providing free market ideologist as the best economic system, limiting poverty, empowering citizens. We have organized Liberty driven Entrepreneurship Seminar 2017 with 228 participants in Lagos, Nigeria and over 100 participants each at Accra, Ghana and Nairobi, Kenya editions.


Africa, as a continent is long dominated by low skill quotient as a result of mixed education and socialism system she inherited from colonial masters and poor rate of training infrastructure within the varsity system of things. The over 60% increase in dependency ratio, skill gaps and unemployment has necessitated the birth of smart gat. The worrisome rate of joblessness has led to the furtherance of cybercrime and gross depression amongst young Nigerians and Africans in Generally.

Our Leadership

  • Esimaje Michael Onoseme - President/CEO
  • Olasunkanmi Showunmi - Director of Administration
  • Julius Oga - Director of Event
  • Raphael Stanley - Associate Director, Training
  • Susan Ake - Director of Research and Publications
  • Uwazie Wisdom - Director of Strategies & Special Projects